Unearth explores the ‘geological’ as a condition of the present. 

Evolving beyond the scientific study of the earth’s surface, geology has presented significant markers of time, process and matter, each employed anew by artists to contemplate our place in history. 

Rooted in the logic of land art and the processes of materiality, Unearthpresents five art practices that harness the elements, as method or as metaphor. Each artist draws from the physical and temporal possibilities of earth materials and is crafted in an abstract language of precise proportions. Defined by their processes, the art suggests an intuitive understanding of our present moment, unearthed from historical and mythological traditions, in parallel to the knowledge of scientific inquiry. 

Informed by alchemy and astronomy, craft and pre-historic traditions, the exhibition lies at the crossroad of art, science and faith and is an attempt to reconcile and recalibrate our awareness of the present with the absolute dimensions of time and space.