Invite to Touch | Parked at Nivasa | 6- 28 February .jpg
“An ensemble of furniture forms a kind of stage set for the conventions of social exchange in groups. In a private setting, it helps define the experience of the ‘personal’.”

— Dan Graham, Art as Design/ Design as Art

Touch is an exhibition of fine art prints that celebrates the technical skill of the laborious print process. Focusing on the materiality of the print, the exhibition gathers a selection of unique & limited edition prints that luxuriate in the textures and surfaces of the everyday. Breaking from the convention of exhibiting art in the white cube gallery space, Touch belongs to a series of art exhibitions presented in pseudo living spaces, simulating the presence of art in a private domestic interior. Installed at the Nivasa showroom, each artwork compliments the spirit of a specific piece of furniture, inviting us to experience a medley of comfort and luxury.